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A Day at Mead lfigh

                                          Tanya Wellman says,  "Awww !!!  public
                                          speaking, I'm so nervous."
        Dan  Bontrager says,  "My  uric acid  mixed
        with water sure looks funny."

                                                                          Ten)' Ligon calmly picks his nose.  It's his way of
                                          David   elson  and  Cr)Stal  Konecky   killing time.
                                          relax at lunch.

        Anneke  Gustafson  commands,  "Mortal,
        move out of my way before I kill  you."

        Adam  Miller and  Richard   1 ovak  enjoy  the
        peaceful,  everyday  life  at  Mead  Pub lic

   2  A day at  Mead  High
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