Page 6 - YB_1949
P. 6

                     In  the  few  short  months  he  has
                   been  here,  Superintendent  H.  0.
                   Bixler  has  proved  to  be  not  only  a
                   capable  administrator  but  also  a
                   friend-whose  interests  are  those  of
                   Mead  Consolidated  and  the  com-
                   munity allied with it.

                                                                      MR.  ANDERSON
                                                              Principal Kenneth Anderson is also
                                                            new to Mead.  He's giving Mead High
                                                            School  the  supervision  necessary  for
                                                            any school to be a good school. Mead
                                                            is  indeed  fortunate  to  have  obtained
                                                            the services of this progressive man.
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