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                                          *NINA  EMERY
                                           "Next  to  my  head,  I  like  my
                                           red hair best".

                                           IVAN  CRINKLAW*
                                           "I came, I  bluffed, I graduated.

                                          *HARVEY  KRIZ
                                           Vice President
                                           "He who  sitteth upon a  tack---
                                           yea!  he  shall rise."

                                           JOYCE  PELLEN*
                                           "In  school  a  quiet  lass  she
                                           seems to be,  but who knows  if
                                           its true when she s  free.  11

                                          *GERALD  LANGMEIER
                                           Secretary and Treasurer
                                           "Work  fasinates  me;  I  could
                                           sit and  look  at it  for  hours. "

                                           RENALD  BARRETT*
                                           "Caesar  was  short,  Napoleon
                                           was  short,  and  I'm not so tall
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