Page 19 - YB_1952
P. 19

                                           "I'm going to tell that Einstein
                                           a  few things. "

                                           BEN  BERGMAN*
                                           "Romeo,  Romeo,  wherefore
                                           art thou,  MacBeth?  11

                                          *HELEN  MALY
                                           "She  shifted  her  brain  into
                                           neutral and let her tongue  rattle

                                           HAZEL  PETERSON*
                                           "Possessor  of  personality,
                                           ability,  and tact.  She is engag-
                                           ed.  How  could she help it be-
                                           ing like that."

                                          *LOREN  BERGGREN
                                           "After  four  years  of  faithful
                                           service----I'm laid off."

                                          RICHARD  ZOOK*
                                          "Try to argue if you  can,  I  can
                                          beat most any man. "
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