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We the Seniors being of  sound body  and soul do hereby:  will our night play practices
               to anyone who think they can get away with them.

                   To the Juniors our ability to pick out class rings  and the Fremont girls.
                   To the Sophomores our reputation if they think they can handle it.
                   To the Freshman our quiet ways,  bashfulness and early hours.

                   As  individuals we  will the following:
               I,  Hazel Peterson do hereby will my hipline to Arvona Malchow and my ability to keep  a
                   man to Bonnie Johnson.
               I,  Renald Barrett do hereby will my ability to get up  on Sunday Morning to Gilbert Drews
                   and to Mr.  Anderson enough money to buy a  wig.
               I,  Loren Berggren do hereby will  my height to Freddie  Bergman and my good  grades to
                  G'iry Widman.
               I,  Joyce  Pellan  do  hereby will  my quiet  disposition  to Grace  Moser  and  my  ability to
                  turn a  cartwheel to Marilyn Wagner.

               I,  Ben Bergman do  hereby will my  agriculture test papers to Gilbert Drews  and my car
                  to three certain Junior girls.

               I,  Harvey (Pete) Kriz do  hereby will  my height and  proportional  weight  to Ardvin Mal-
                  chow and  my basketball rule book to Mr.  Hunt.

               I,  Gerald  Langemeier do hereby  will my ability to get along with the  weaker sex to Gil-
                  bert Wilgus  and my interest in the school car to the future  journalism class.

               I,  Fred  Anderson  do hereby  will  my  car to  anyone  who is  willing to  finance  it  and my
                  ability to understand Physics to Millard Barlow.

               I,  Richard Zook do  hereby will  my only pair  of sneakers  to Neola  Johnson and my map
                  of Fremont and surrounding territory to no one.

               I,  Nina Emry do hereby will my ability to skip grades to Bonnie Hillin  and my daydream-
                  ing to Roger Swanson.

               I,  Helen Maly do hereby  will my ability  to write letters  to anyone  who  is willing to pay
                  postage and my interest in a  certain Colon boy to no one.

               I,  Ian Crinklaw do  hereby will my  quiet manners  to Arlene  Kudlacek  and  my  ability to
                  play basketball to Millard Barlow.
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